Terms and Conditions

The initial Lease period is 1 month.

Lessee may continue leasing the instrument by making continuous monthly payments.


Lessee shall have the option of leasing the instrument continuously until the instrument is paid for. The purchase price shall be the Total price plus any applicable taxes.


Lessee may return the instrument to Port Huron Music Center or any of its affiliates providing the payments are up to date with no further obligation. Lease charges will continue to accumulate until instrument is received by Port Huron Music Center.


Lessee understands that Port Huron Music Center retains title and security interest in the instrument until the rent, in full amount of the total instrument price, has been paid.


  • All lease payments apply to purchase
  • You own the instrument when lease payments equal total purchase price.
  • You may return the instrument at any time.
  • There are no finance charges.
    • $4.00 Clarinet, Cornet, Flute, Percussion Kit, Drum Kit, Trombone, Trumpet, Violin, Viola.
    • $6.00 Alto Saxophone, Baritone, French Horn, Oboe, Tenor Saxophone, Wood Clarinet, Cello.

Option to Purchase:

Cash price is 30% off of TOTAL PRICE.

Renter shall have the option of renting the instrument continuously until the instrument is paid less any sums paid pursuant to this agreement as Rental Fee.
Discounts: The Company will allow a 20% discount from Lessee's balance in the event Lessee provides payment in full, provided Lessee's account is then current.

The Lessee agrees to lease the instrument as provided herein and agrees that the instrument will be used by the student in conjunction with a school music program.
Lessee agrees to pay the Company in advance for the initial lease period which includes a lease fee, tax and Repair & Maintenance fee. Lease/MR/late fees are not refundable. All payments for lease beyond the initial lease period are due on the same day each month. A coupon book for these payments will be mailed to Lessee eight (8) at a time. Payments will be applied first to late fees and any other charges due and then to instrument lease. Payments are applied to past due payments first then to current payments.
A LATE CHARGE of $5.00 is charged on any payment that is more than 2 days late.
Should I default on any monthly payment, Port Huron Music Center may:

A) Assume that I do not wish to continue the lease agreement and may reclaim the instrument whenever found at school or elsewhere, with or without the knowledge of the Lessee.

B) Declare the balance due in full if the instrument is not returned or repossessed. Should legal action be necessary to recover the instrument I agree to pay all legal fees. Lessee hereby directs any third party having custody or possession of the instrument, including school, to deliver the instrument to Port Huron Music Center on demand and agrees to hold Port Huron Music Center and said third parties, school officials and teachers, harmless for such delivery. In the event the instrument is repossessed by Port Huron Music Center, Lessee shall, in addition to cost of collection and instrument damage, pay all amounts due under the contract from the date hereof until the recovery of the instrument by Port Huron Music Center.
Port Huron Music Center retains title and security interest in the instrument until the lease, in full amount of the TOTAL INSTRUMENT PRICE, has been paid. I acknowledge that it is a felony to sell, mortgage, remove from the state of Michigan or otherwise dispose of leased merchandise with the intent to defraud. (Michigan 750,362a penal code). This agreement and M/R warranty is only in effect as long as payments are current in our office. This agreement can be terminated by returning the instrument and paying all outstanding charges. I acknowledge I am responsible for any remaining balance if the instrument is lost, stolen, or incurs any malicious damages or is destroyed.
On the pre-leased instruments, the Company will apply a macimum of twelve (12) months lease credit toweard the price then in effect of a new or life new instrument of the same type purchase. In the event of an instrument type change, a maximum of six (6) months lease credit will be given toward the exchanged instrument.


You may discontinue this agreement at any time by returning the instrument to Port Huron Music Center. Lease payments will continue until the instrument is received at Port Huron Music Center.
If Lessee fails to make timely preiodic opayments, Company shall permit Lessee to bring his or her account current and to reinstate this agreement without forfeiture of any rights or options herein stated proveded the Lessee:
A) Has not failed to make three (3) periodic payments
B) Provided the Lessee has not surrendered the instrument to the Company during such period as the Lessee is delinquent with greater than one (1) periodic payment as provided herein.
In the event an instrument is covered by a manufacture's warranty at the time that a Lessee assumes ownership of the instrument, Company shall pass the warranty to Lessee.
In the event Lessee violates any terms of this agreement, Company shall exercise all rights under law to enforce all terms herein.


Maintenance Agreement

All adjustments and repairs will be made to keep the instrument in proper playing condition. Work must be performed by Port Huron Music Center technicians.
In case of damage, the instrument will be restored to proper playing condition. Minor case repairs, latches, handles, hinges, etc., are covered.
Replacement of expendable accessories such as reeds, mouthpieces, lyres, cleaning equipment, drum heads, drumsticks, removing of minor dents that do not affect playing quality; restoration of finishes; damage done by unskilled persons attempting repairs; any malicious damage or destruction. Lessee is responsible for the loss of instrument, or damages not covered.
All repairs, parts and replacements must be handled by Port Huron Music Center. No reimbursements will be made for service or parts procured from other sources. Pickup and delivery is provided only through schools called on weekly by Port Huron Music Center during the school year.


This Agreement is regulated by state law enforced by the attorney general or by private legal action.

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